Steps to Branding Success in Mergers and Acquisitions


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A’s) are becoming more of a norm due to the current economic climate and lack of succession planning. In 2018, the value of  M&A’s increased by 4% to $3.8 trillion in the US alone. A study done by Harvard Business Review says, “At best, mergers and acquisitions (M&A’s) have a 50/50 chance of reaching…

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How to Win Work With ARCO, with Jake Stefan

AEC Marketing | How to Win Work With ARCO

ARCO Design/Build is a nationally recognized design/build general contractor with offices in Atlanta, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Houston, Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore and 21 satellite branches. They have experts in all areas of the design and construction industry, but their brand-defining focus is industrial development. Under the leadership of their president, Jake Stefan, ARCO continues to…

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Building a Marketing Team

After graduating from college, Whitney Thrower fell into the AEC industry as a marketing assistant and spent twelve years climbing the ranks to become a Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications. She held a director title with three nationally-recognized top 100 design and construction firms in the Southeast but eventually found herself wanting to give…

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Age Exclusive Communities

AEC Marketing | How to Win Work With Highlands Residential

Dave Loeffel is the founder and CEO of Highlands Residential, an apartment development company that primarily targets a demographic of recently-retired individuals, aged 55 and older. Highlands builds age exclusive developments designed for empty nesters, and most of their marketing efforts are focused on that profile. Brand Experience Before starting his company, Loeffel spent sixteen…

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E-commerce and Industrial Real Estate

AEC Marketing | E-commerce and Industrial Real Estate

Pattillo Pattillo is a familiar name when it comes to industrial real estate, with investments spanning the entire Southeast from Louisville, Kentucky down to Jacksonville, Florida. For 70 years, Pattillo has focused solely on the vertical of industrial development. They erected over 1000 industrial buildings in their respective territories and built a reputation of unrivaled…

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