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Merging Cultures Through M&A

Many AEC firms have growth strategies that include M&A activity but inking the deal is only part of the journey.…

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Measuring Your M&A Efforts

It can sometimes be challenging to demonstrate how your M&A activity is impacting growth at your AEC firm. However, it…

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Let’s Talk M&A

The AEC industry is no stranger to technical jargon and acronyms. It’s almost as if we have our own little…

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AEC Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

As the AEC industry evolves, business owners must improve their strategies and tactics to stay ahead of the competition. The…

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The New Google Business Profile

Have you heard? Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly known as Google My Business (GMB) is now retired. The tech powerhouse…

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The Art of Negotiation: The Importance of Empathy, Active Listening, and Communication in Marketing’s Greatest Equalizer

Empathy and negotiations don’t seem to go hand in hand. Negotiations tend to be viewed by many as zero-sum, adversarial…

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A Season of Transition for Atlanta Public Schools: Capital Improvements in the Face of COVID-19

Like wildfire in the wheat fields, COVID’s rampant run has significantly changed many industries, including the K-12 market. The negative…

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Introverted Selling: The Principle of Trust in the AEC Industry

In every major industry, there are preconceived notions of who can and can’t succeed in sales. The AEC industry is…

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Navigating the Liminal Space throughout the Industrial Industry

COVID-19 has triggered side effects for global and local economies, many of which are still unfolding. No matter what industry…

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