5 Essential Brand Elements for any AEC Firm

The AEC industry is a highly competitive space where differentiation can make the difference between winning multi-million dollar projects or missing the invitation to bid. In a world where competition is fierce, companies with a strong brand identity are rising above the crowd.

For years, branding was placed as a low priority due to the industry belief that the AEC space operates on another plane from other industries. Standard marketing rules did not seem to apply because firms were built upon customer satisfaction, excellent reputations and high quality services. Marketing and branding strategies were placed aside in lieu of other pressing investments.

Fast forward to 2016, firms now see the value of AEC branding as a way to stand out from the competition. AEC companies who invested in a strong brand presence have begun to dominate the market share. They are also experiencing stronger reputations in their space, a focused internal corporate culture, and support for premium pricing on awarded projects.



AEC Brand Elements


The key to a successful AEC brand is demonstrating its unique value in the marketplace. If you already have a brand, but feel it does not contribute to your growth targets each year, it may be time to rebrand your organization. A successful brand drive does not passively react to current market conditions, but actively creates more leads and opportunities to your sales team.

Memorable Firm Identity

An AEC brand needs to be memorable to your target market. The best way to achieve that goal is through visual aids such as logos, marketing collateral, an attractive website and sales presentations, all aligned within the same visual story. Each time a potential client is exposed to your brand through a different marketing medium, the stronger your message can resonate with them.

Consistent Messaging

An effective brand must communicate a consistent message to your target audience. Working with an experienced marketing firm can help you identify the structure of the message about your culture, your value proposition and mission as a firm. With a well-defined message, your clients and employees can instantly distinguish your firm from the others.


Proper communication of brand personality attracts leads who are better aligned with your corporate mission and business goals. Personality—even for the most traditional AEC firms—can be effectively conveyed through graphic artwork and the right message. 


For the AEC industry, this part is simple. For decades, firms have built their companies on the brand promise of customer satisfaction, impeccable attention to detail, correct management of project schedules and innovative designs. However, every AEC firm says this in their own way.

What is your AEC firm’s unique brand promise? Remember: your brand promise should resonate with your audience, establish a certain level of trust and leave a favorable impression in your target market.

Establishing a Successful Brand

When you take time to establish a strong brand identity, you are building a foundation that will serve you for years to come. You would never build a high-rise building on a weak foundation, so you should never expect to accelerate your revenue growth with a mediocre brand.