Why AEC Firms Should Be on LinkedIn

“You are only as good as your reputation.” This is a phrase with which we have become all too familiar, especially with the dawn of the Internet and social media – where word of mouth meets technology. Now more than ever, digital marketing is taking the place of traditional marketing because of its cost-effective and efficient methods of producing measurable results in real-time.

Social media and LinkedIn specifically levels the playing field for companies large and small to compete for qualified followers based on their quality of content. AEC firms that have embraced social media have begun generating thousands of qualified fans and followers.

According to Social Media Today:

  • 250M professionals and counting are on LinkedIn.
  • 87% of B2Bs are active on LinkedIn, making it the top social media site.
  • Over 60% of B2B companies have acquired new customers through LinkedIn.
  • More than 33.4M professionals visit LinkedIn each month to build and maintain professional contacts, bounce ideas off industry experts, and generate sales leads.
  • Over half of LinkedIn members are business decision makers.
  • LinkedIn sends 64% of referrals to company’s homepages versus Facebook (17%) and Twitter (14%).

Now that we’ve shared some of the glossy statistics on LinkedIn, let’s look at how it benefits you and your company. LinkedIn Marketing…

  • Serves as an excellent tool for those who are not naturals at business development by taking cold calls and turning them into warm introductions.
  • Provides the opportunity to gain competitive intelligence on current and potential clients as well as hot topics within the industry.
  • Allows you and your employees to join the conversations that are already taking place in your industry.
  • Levels the playing field for companies large and small to compete by strengthening overall expertise and establishing thought leadership within the industry.
  • Provides real-time, measurable metrics as opposed to more costly methods like PR and direct mail where ROI is harder to quantify.

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