Who Are the Brand Ambassadors in the AEC Industry? Your Employees!

Firms will develop a strong brand promise, corporate mission and unique value proposition, but often fail to market the message internally. Training employees will help them understand how the firm should be perceived and experienced in the marketplace. The more they know, the more your team will be prepared for challenging situations and be on the look-out for opportunities to grow.

Don’t leave your reputation at risk to a disgruntled employee, subcontractor or vendor! Equip your team to communicate your brand message today!


3 Ways Your Employees Can Be Effective Brand Ambassadors


Engaged employees in a meetingAfter establishing your brand identity, take time to share it with your staff. If you already have a well-defined message, educate your employees about your vision, goals and brand promise. Also, acquaint them with your marketing materials and press communications. Moving forward, keep everyone up-to-date on new brand strategies and explain how they can contribute to the overall message.

Be aware how your staff can either enhance or hinder your brand and always make sure your brand execution includes training your employees.

1. Positive Public Interactions

In the AEC industry, many of our personnel are out in the public every single day. Each interaction is an opportunity to support your firm’s overall brand image. It is as simple as driving a company-branded car through town.

With every task (large or small), make sure your staff knows how they represent your brand through their words, actions, and appearance. A simple act of kindness, professional conduct or polished appearance goes a long way in supporting your brand reputation.


2. Social Media Promotion

Employees are considered the most credible source of company information. The Edelman Trust published a famous study in 2013 that found 41% of consumers trusted an employees’ opinion over a CEO’s.

A social media strategy is one way for employees to share their opinions. If done correctly, your staff can provide positive, low-cost promotion to thousands of potential clients within your target market.


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41% of consumers trust an employees’ opinion over a CEO’s



Don’t be intimidated by social media. Millenials come by it easily. They are the first generation to fully integrate their personal and professional lives on social media, so leverage their developed networks to gain instant exposure. For other generations, social media training is highly effective. Your team will learn how to strengthen professional relationships and further your firm’s reach.


3. Community Involvement

Brand Ambassadors Working as VolunteersLocal community involvement is another way an employee enhances your brand. Industry organizations, volunteer work and other types of community service within your target market positively positions your brand with current and prospective clients.

Each time your employee gives back to the community, it helps support your brand and reflects positively on your firm. Think about organizations such as Habitat for Humanity for AEC firms or serving on boards with your clients.


Take Action

How will your employees live your firm’s brand message? Revise your marketing strategy with your employees in mind. Then, educate and empower your workforce to represent your firm on every occasion!