When to Hire an Agency vs. In-House Person

I recently came across an article on Social Media Today titled “Hiring a Social Media Agency vs. In-House.” Aside from the writer’s snarky tone, I found that he makes some pretty valid points. The question of whether to hire an agency vs. in-house is something we hear often. In certain cases, it may be more beneficial to hire an in-house person versus an agency, but when it comes to social media, hiring an agency absolutely makes sense especially for AEC firms.

Since social media is still a relatively new marketing tool for many AEC firms, we find that very few staff members understand how to use it for things like lead generation, thought leadership, competitive intelligence, etc. By hiring an agency to handle their social media, firms get an army of experts as opposed to relying on the ideas and solutions of just one person.

Review the other reasons listed in the article and let us know if you agree or disagree.

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