How to Dress for Success: Women Edition

Whether you are attempting to land a job, client or promotion, or simply make a great impression in your existing workplace one thing is certain – how you dress can have a huge impact. Unlike men who can wear a standard suit and tie, women tend to have more of a difficult time choosing appropriate business attire.

Here are some tips for incorporating your own style while creating a great first impression with your business attire:

  • Dressing professionally doesn’t mean wearing only neutrals.  According to Nordstrom fashion director Gregg Andrews, buying your staple items in neutral colors  (black, grey, navy, and tan), allows you to add a pop of color in your blouse or shoes.
  • Hems should be right at the knee and heels should be less than 4” and closed toe. The taller you are, the shorter the heel.
  • The rule of thumb for jewelry is: keep it simple. Two or three small pieces of coordinated jewelry are always acceptable.  Think classic not loud.
  • According to Beauty High, 1 in 3 bosses think their female co-workers wear too much makeup. The goal is to enhance your face while looking makeup-free. Likewise, perfume should be used sparingly especially when working in enclosed spaces.
  • Always make sure your clothes are wrinkle free. A crisp appearance commands respect.
  • Cleavage is not appropriate at the workplace so button it up.

What is Business Casual?

Business casual follows all of the above tips. It is crisp, neat, and should look appropriate even for a chance meeting with a CEO. For example, you don’t have to wear a full suit; dark or khaki pants or a skirt (no jeans), a nice blouse, closed toe shoes (heels or flats), and simple jewelry are a safe bet. For further inspiration, check out this Business Casual Board on Pinterest.