4 Content Techniques to Expand Your Brand

When people think of content marketing, blog posts, eBooks, white papers and industry reports are the first things that come to mind. How can you can keep up with the times, when you barely have enough time to type an e-mail, let alone create lengthy educational documents?

The good news is that there are HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of different ways you can deliver content to your prospects; and they don’t all have to be written by a pro.

If you do not have the time on your hands, you can always pick up the phone and call a marketing company to take the load off your plate, or you can dig into your marketing archive and pull out a few materials that with a little revision and updates can keep you front and center with your prospect base.

What is Content?
Content is anything that motivates your target market to take action in learning more about your company’s offerings.

PR Daily created a fantastic list of 101 different types of content, so if you want to explore more ideas, you can do so. However, we took four types of content that with a little innovation can support current marketing strategies you have in place.


As society gets increasingly busier, audio and visual forms of content are easier to digest. Sure, prospects will sit down to read an article here and there, but if you truly want to engage your audience, do so with a video.

Why else do you think the average American watches nearly 4 hours of television a day? Because the average American does not want to read! But they do like to watch something. Take old blog articles, reports and brochures to figure out a way that transforms your material into an engaging video.



Another key to creating effective content is to combine easily digestible pieces of information and combine them with attractive images. An infographic is a great way to educate, inform and communicate your message without losing the interest of your prospect.

Need a stronger visual of what an infographic looks like? Creative Blog pulled together 90 of the most effective infographics. Click here to learn more.



If you are a part of a trade association or a member of an organization that is related to your industry, you can count that as content! Even though they may be considered an old-school way of doing business, there is nothing more effective than standing face-to-face in front of your prospective client. In addition, you can invest in sponsorships that help keep your name front and center to the group.

The only limitation in using trade associations and memberships is time. You have to be present for every transaction. However, when used in addition to other on-line strategies, these can be very valuable forms of content.



Case studies have become a very valuable way to show off successful projects, interesting solutions and customer satisfaction rates in the AEC industry. Since our industry has much longer buying cycles, and information gathering is essential prior to making a decision, case studies can increase the confidence level of your prospective clients.

If you already have a library of case studies, revive them by reaching back out to those clients, doing a few interviews and creating supportive content that describes your client’s satisfaction after one, five or even ten years from the initial project date.

You can also get creative and figure out ways to turn your case studies into a video library that can be uploaded to YouTube and your website.

Take Action
What kinds of materials do you have in your marketing archives that could be revived? With a few tweaks, you may be able to save time and money by implementing modern marketing techniques to previously generated content. If you would like to learn how to revive your marketing materials into content that excites and motivates your prospects, then reach out to Smartegies for an in-depth conversation to discuss your situation.

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