How to Dress for Success: Men’s Edition

Men, are you sending the right impression with the way you dress? According to a study completed by Psychology Today, men who wore bespoke (custom-fit) suits were judged more favorably by complete strangers than those who wore generic, store bought suits. They were also perceived to be more confident, successful, flexible and higher earners.

Consider how these first impressions carry over into a business setting. Say you are walking in to pitch for a multi-million dollar project – as research would suggest, your attire could positively or negatively affect your outcome.

With “The GQ Guide to Suits,” learn how to suit up properly for any event. If you’re curious on the most common do’s and dont’s of Men’s Business Attire, see our list below:

7 Rules for Men’s Attire:

1. It is better to be overdressed than underdressed.

2. Always iron your clothes. Don’t let the wrinkles in your clothes cause a wrinkle in your presentation.

3. Make sure that the color of your dress shirt and tie complement each other, and your suit.

4. Never wear a tie without a jacket or with an untucked shirt.

5. Never wear a clip on tie! Those ties were made for children. Don’t look like one!

6. Try to coordinate all of your leather accessories, such as belts, watches and shoes.

7. Dry clean your suits as little as possible. Getting your suits cleaned is certainly necessary, but too much cleaning can ruin the fabric.

A final piece of advice, if you somehow missed the boat on learning how to tie a tie, there is always YouTube! See this instructional video on how to tie a Windsor knot.