Merging Cultures Through M&A

Many AEC firms have growth strategies that include M&A activity but inking the deal is only part of the journey. Life after the transaction is where the real success occurs and where real growth and market penetration and maturity is realized or fails. Selling staff members on the benefits of the new M&A is an art form as is navigating the waters around merging two cultures.

As you start preparing for life after the transaction, be sure you take time to talk about how you want to integrate the firms. No matter how many deals you close, each company culture is different and deserves discussion.

Here are some helpful discussion points to use as you plan your M&A internal communication plan.

  • Describe the culture of both firms.
  • When will employees be notified? How? By whom?
  • What is the key message to the employees?
  • What other key information needs to be conveyed to employees and when? (the schedule)
  • What will change for employees?
  • What will remain the same?
  • What are your key concerns for staff?
  • What do you want your employees to know?
  • What must remain a key priority during the transition?
  • What absolutely must not happen?
  • What does success look like?

These are just a few suggestions. If you find yourself needing a partner to help you plan and communicate your upcoming M&A deal with your staff, we would love to be that partner.