The Missing Link in Your AEC Marketing Strategy, with Brenda Christman

Episode 11:

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In this day and age, you have the ability to build and scale your business without a sales force, and AEC firms are finally adopting an innovative approach to digital and inbound marketing after seeing it work in so many other industries. Developing an effective marketing plan starts with putting the right people in place because your marketing leaders need to maintain a strong grasp on current trends, tools, and technologies, as well as how they fit into the big picture—fundamentals that Brenda Christman has built her entire team around. She is a marketer who started on the ground level during a massive industry transformation, and everything she learned was brought into the next role, tailored, and implemented to drive growth and revenue for the firm.

As Christman got higher on the ladder, Hunt Companies took an interest in her proactive, forward-thinking marketing mindset and it became clear that she was the missing link in their leadership team. Hunt Companies is a global enterprise and holding company with over six thousand employees, managing a broad spectrum of real estate-focused businesses from developers to management companies. But, every AEC firm—large and small—can benefit significantly from having an ambitious and capable marketer who is driven by innovation. Christman’s job is to maintain the image and communications across Hunt’s vast array of affiliates and subsidiaries while finding new ways to increase the effectiveness of her team members on an individual basis.

In this episode of AEC Marketing for Principals, Christman joins Judy Sparks and Katie Cash to talk about building your marketing strategy and team around an innovative marketing leader, and how your firm will benefit from doing so.

What You Will Learn:

  • Brenda Christman’s role as the SVP of Marketing for Hunt Companies, and how your AEC firm can benefit from hiring a veteran marketer
  • Current AEC marketing trends, tools, and technologies and how they’re being used by leadership
  • How to hire ‘smart’ when choosing new candidates for your marketing team
  • The benefits of giving your team flexibility and trusting them to get the job done


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