How to Win Work With Highlands Residential, with Dave Loeffel

Episode 19:

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Highlands Residential is an apartment development company specializing in multifamily developments that target an empty-nester clientele. By focusing on recently-retired individuals, aged 55 and older, Highlands’ founder and CEO, Dave Loeffel, can deliver destinations unique to the desires and needs of this age exclusive audience.

Experiential living is a hot trend in multifamily right now, and Loeffel works hard to keep Highlands ahead of the curve. By delivering an unparalleled brand experience and prioritizing quality in every project, Loeffel continues to build thriving communities that enhance the neighborhoods around them and maintain occupancy over time.

In this episode of AEC Marketing for Principals, Loeffel discusses the internal and external factors that make Highlands’ business model successful, and what they look for in AEC partners. Listen to this episode and see what it takes to chase multifamily work with Highlands Residential.
AEC Marketing | How to Win Work With Highlands Residential, with Dave Loeffel

What You Will Learn:

  • What Dave Loeffel look for in ideal AEC partners
  • Introducing multifamily developments into thriving communities
  • What three things your content should cover during your first meeting
  • The importance of understanding your firm’s capabilities relative to the project at hand


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