What Owners Have to Say, with Judy Sparks and Katie Cash

Episode 13:

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When you are marketing and selling professional services to Owners, it’s important to know what they are looking for and how your AEC marketing strategy should reflect that. Smartegies recently conducted a survey in order to better understand procurement processes, buying preferences and online habits of some of Georgia’s most coveted public sector and institutional building Owners. These individuals are habitual buyers and key decision-makers who have spent countless hours running through stacks of proposals and sitting through many presentations to find the most qualified candidates for their projects.

The procurement process has changed over the years and with shorter sales cycles, an abundance of relationships, and an increased number of specializations, Owners are placing more weight on categories that were not nearly as important in the past. The marketing-centric culture that the AEC industry has adopted is creating a level playing field, and Smartegies’ goal with their study is to help you gain an advantage by crafting a response that has everything Owners want to see.

In this episode of AEC Marketing for Principals, hosts Judy Sparks and Katie Cash talk about the biggest revelations that their survey produced, and distill the statistics so that you can adjust your marketing and proposal strategies.

AEC Marketing | What Owners Have to Say, with Judy Sparks and Katie Cash

What You Will Learn:

  • How to win work with institutional and public sector Owners
  • Smartegies’ survey of Owners and its results
  • What has changed in the procurement process and what remains the same
  • The significance of AEC marketing and brand strength in the digital age of the AEC industry
  • How to see your proposal through once your firm makes the shortlist


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