How to Win Work With Pattillo Industrial Real Estate, with Larry Callahan

Episode 18:

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For 70 years, Pattillo has focused strictly on the vertical of industrial development, erecting over 1000 facilities of quality and scale while building a significant portfolio of prime industrial real estate. However, the explosion of e-commerce is creating an entirely new set of needs and unique problems that must be met by developers with no playbook and limited resources.

The demand for e-commerce grows by roughly 10% each year. The need for fulfillment centers increases simultaneously, but there is not an abundance of 1M sq/ft facilities in the market, so developers generally start from scratch. For industry leaders like Larry Callahan, the trend of younger and taller buildings is demanding, but Pattillo has made great strides to adapt and help their clients respond to significant changes in consumer behavior.

In this episode of AEC Marketing for Principals, Larry Callahan, CEO of Pattillo Industrial Real Estate, joins host Judy Sparks and Katie Cash to discuss the current trends in the industrial real estate space. Callahan shares his perspective on the effects of e-commerce on development, as well as what it takes to partner with Pattillo on a project of that magnitude.
AEC Marketing | How to Win Work With Pattillo Industrial Real Estate, with Larry Callahan

What You Will Learn:

  • How retail and industrial are converging to support the needs of e-commerce
  • The size of new industrial developments and the parcels they’re built on
  • How Last-mile delivery and technological evolution are driving the warehouse needs
  • Why fulfillment center location preferences are starting to change
  • What Pattillo looks for in potential AEC partners, and how to win work with them
  • Who is involved in the selection process for Pattillo Industrial Real Estate


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