How to Win work with Georgia Tech, with Scott Jones

Episode 12:

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As the Assistant Vice President of Facilities, Design, and Construction at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Scott Jones runs a progressive operation that oversees all of Georgia Tech’s design and construction projects. The institution consistently releases around $450M-$500M in AEC projects per year, and competition to be awarded those contracts is fierce. You need a relentless AEC marketing strategy to convey your firm’s understanding of their project needs and set it apart from the pack.

Jones is very transparent about what he looks for in AEC partners – good listeners, relevant experience from the project team, ability to deliver as promised. So if you are interested in chasing Georgia Tech projects, visit the Georgia Procurement Registry where all of their opportunities are posted. The scope and scale of the projects vary drastically, so it is important to understand the needs of each project relative to your AEC firm’s team, expertise, and capacity before submitting a proposal.

Georgia Tech is a leading, global research institution that prides itself on using cutting edge innovation which also includes pioneering design and construction technology, methodology, and materials. In this episode of AEC Marketing for Principals, Jones joins hosts Judy Sparks and Katie Cash to discuss opportunities for AEC firms at GT, how projects are funded, and what GT looks for in AEC partners.

AEC Marketing | How to Win work with Georgia Tech, with Scott Jones

What You Will Learn:

  • How and where to find all of Georgia Tech’s opportunities
  • The importance of weighing project scope and your AEC firm’s team, expertise, and capacity before submitting a proposal
  • The role of your AEC marketing strategy in winning work from Georgia Tech
  • What Jones and his team look for in successful candidates during the proposal process
  • Where the funding for Georgia Tech’s AEC projects come from, and how it impacts the selection process
  • The importance of highlighting your project team instead of your portfolio during the interview phase
  • The PDC and their involvement in the selection of design firms and involvement in design projects
  • Why design firms should form a collaborative unit with a local production architect when seeking work from Georgia Tech


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