Picking Up the Slack: Marketing as a Company-Wide Effort, with Scott Steiding

Episode 8:

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In the engineering industry, mastering the art of communication as an individual can help move the needle for an entire organization. At Morrison Hershfield, Scott Steiding did just that. He became well versed in the language of his technical staff and leadership, which led to successive prosperity, heightened brand awareness, and strong, inter-departmental collaboration within his AEC marketing and engineering community.

There are benefits to this on many levels, both internally and externally, but as a Vice President and head of sales and marketing, he found it to be a necessity just to get his ideas in motion. In the highly analytical environments of AEC firms, data-driven concepts must be at the core of any marketing pitch. Once Steiding was speaking the engineer’s language, his scope became larger, and his goals loftier.

In this episode of AEC Marketing for Principals, Scott Steiding joins hosts Katie Cash and Judy Sparks to talk about marketing as a company-wide effort. He breaks down some of the key strategies which separate them from the competition, and he discusses all of the tools and moving parts behind those strategies.

What You Will Learn:

  • Empowering sales, marketing, and business-unit leaders with data tools so they are better prepared to go to market
  • How to measure sales and marketing efforts against true ROI
  • Leveraging third-party perspectives to differentiate your AEC marketing strategy from your competitors’
  • Strategies for creating a forward-facing AEC marketing plan
  • Data capture, reporting, and tools to make it efficient


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