Fifty and Fabulous: Tales of an AEC TruthTeller

Episode 50:

Join us for a very special episode as we celebrate hitting two milestone numbers — our 50th episode and Judy Sparks’ 50th birthday!

In this episode,  Katie and Judy reflect on how far the industry has come, and thank you, the amazing listener, who has supported the podcast along the way.

As a veteran marketer and CEO of Smartegies, Judy shares her biggest lesson learned, which involves accepting the AEC industry’s resistance to marketing and finding ways to help engineers and architects understand its value. Katie and Judy also discuss the intentional decisions they’ve made at Smartegies to better serve their clients and bring purpose to their work every day.

Join them as they share their insights and offer advice for others navigating their own challenges and finding purpose in their prime. And be sure to stay for the inspirational words of wisdom in celebration of Judy’s birthday.

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