Importance of Sales in Design & Construction

Episode 47:

In this episode, Katie Cash talks to Mark Wainwright and brings up the dreaded “S” word. SALES in design and construction. Mark is a marketing and sales professional with 25 years of experience, the majority spent building and growing professional services firms. He coaches individuals, develops sales processes, manages pipelines, and when appropriate, implements CRM systems.

The discussion covers what you need to know from a sales perspective in firms, and why it is important to focus on getting the right people for the job for sales planning and developing sales functions. Mark tells us how to manage sales pipelines and the importance of having appropriate sales measures in place.

What role do compassion and social media play in today’s business landscape and what to focus on when building and maintaining sales pipelines? Mark and Katie answer all these questions and more.



06.10.98 Prospecting

08.46.90 Sales Competencies for Professional Services Firms

10.32.00 Changes in the Approach to Professional Service Sales

12.07.21 Marketing and Sales Alignment

16.13.78 Qualifying Your Prospects

21.58.48 The Importance of a Sales Pipeline

25.40.60 Sales Planning and Preparation

27.21.75 Discovery in the Sales Process

34.10.61 On-Call Consulting

36.42.48 Fractional Sales Management


Six Sales Competencies for Professionals:

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