Inspiring Leadership with Dr. Crawford Loritts

Episode 49:

When a company has a strong and authentic character, it can create a sense of trust and loyalty among consumers. In this episode, host Katie Cash is joined by guests Dr. Crawford Lorrits and Smartegies CEO Judy Sparks to discuss the importance of company culture, effective leadership, policies, Diversity, Empowerment, and Inclusion (DEI), and the workforce of the future.

Dr. Loritts is a nationally renowned pastor, motivational speaker, and author. He has served on the Chick-fil-A board and now leads Beyond Our Generation. His message helps encourage people to show up consistently and be true to their faith and values while leading in a secular world.



1.36 Trust in the business

4.58 Judy’s chance encounter with Dr. Crawford Loritts

11.15 All you have is what you say

13.23 Staying true to your values

15.04 Organizational culture

16.20 Brand Living

18.50 Pivoting business models

21.45 Workforce of the future


Connect with Dr. Crawford Loritts

Dr. Loritts’ ministry work has given him the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and much of the world, speaking in churches, evangelistic outreaches, conferences, colleges, and seminaries. He has been the featured speaker at Super Bowls, NCAA Final Four Chapel, and the Pentagon with senior military officers.


Beyond Our Generation:

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