Navigating the Gaps

Episode 41:

Season Four of “AEC Marketing for Principals” has been thoughtfully programmed to focus on the “gaps” in the AEC industry. Over the course of the season, show host Katie Cash and her team of subject matter experts from Smartegies interview industry legends, leaders, and up-and-coming learners who share their stories, lessons learned, and practical advice for today’s Marketing Principals and tomorrow’s leaders.

In this episode, our host Katie Cash is joined by her partner in strategy, Smartegies CEO and AEC expert Judy Sparks, to break down the “gaps” in the AEC industry that make business development and marketing challenging for marketers and non-marketers alike. Gaps such as:

  • Generational gaps
  • Communication gaps
  • Skills gaps

About Judy Sparks

Judy is the founder, CEO, and President of Smartegies LLC., a marketing growth consultancy focused on helping real estate developers, architects, engineers, contractors, construction lawyers, equipment suppliers, and building product manufacturers build stronger brands, develop winning strategies, communicate their stories, implement effective social/digital campaigns, and deliver winning pitches.

Judy has been dubbed the AEC Truthteller and is recognized as a true expert in AEC marketing.

About Katie Cash

Katie is the Senior Vice President at Smartegies. As an AEC veteran and expert strategist, she helps brands grow through thought-provoking and creative marketing strategies.

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