Redefining AEC Marketing: Insights with Sarah Keane

Episode 55:

In this brand new episode of AEC Marketing for Principals, we are joined by Sarah Keane, Marketing Principal for HOK. We have an in-depth conversation about the evolution of AEC marketing and explore her dynamic career as a younger Principal in the AEC industry.

We discuss the role of Marketing Principals in aligning internal and external stakeholders, the importance of integrating marketing throughout the customer journey, and Sarah reflects on her experience at SmartWIN and the value of continuous education for AEC marketers.

Topics Covered:

  • Sarah’s unexpected entry into AEC marketing and her ascension to a Marketing Principal role at HOK.
  • Insights into HOK’s recognition of marketing’s value, creating a career path that cultivates leadership and drives revenue.
  • The importance of empathy, collaboration, and asking the right questions in building a successful marketing strategy.
  • The future of AEC marketing, including technological advancements and innovative market approaches.
  • Sarah’s reflections on the SmartWIN conference, its value for like-minded marketers, and the anticipated discussions at SmartWIN 2024.

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