Shifting Gears: 6 Key Drivers for Growth in the Design and Construction Space

Episode 48:

Episode 48 marks the start of season 5 of the AEC Marketing for Principals Podcast. This season is themed “Shifting Gears”. We will be interviewing exciting and impactful new guests on various topics related to the A/E/C industry as well as other industries.

In this episode, Katie Cash and Smartegies CEO, Judy Sparks, discuss the new season in more detail and talk about various topics including how to go to market in a new era, diversification in the industry, and six scalable strategies that can be used in marketing your A/E/C business. Sparks shares her insights into the biggest transformation in B2B marketing, which includes brand positioning, digital strategy, DEI and community investments, data-informed sales enablement, and account-based marketing and account-based sales.

Listen in to learn how to differentiate your brand by understanding customer needs, how to make an emotional connection with buyers, and how sales and marketing can work together to generate marketing-qualified leads.


A few highlights of today’s show:

· 6.04 Evolution of the A/E/C Marketing Industry

· 7.58 Humanizing your brand for the Market

· 9.26 Understanding what your buyer really needs

· 11.07 Relationships with selection comities

· 12.59 How firms are winning cold RFPs

· 16.40 How technology is enabling more billable hours

· 18.40 Changing the narrative

· 21.05 Competing on the terms of resume

· 22.38 Scalable Mindsets

· 23.42 Diversity and Inclusion

· 26.32 What to expect in this season

· 27.30 Scalable Six

· 30.16 Aligning Sales and Marketing

· 34.01 Proposal Automation

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