SmartWin24 Speaker Spotlight: Beth Ament – Diversifying the Tools in Your AEC Toolbox

Episode 61:

Host Katie Cash sits down with Beth Ament – Associate Vice President, Senior Manager of Communications and Marketing at Epsten Group, a Salas O’Brien company. Together, they reflect on the evolution of business development and marketing within the AEC industry. They discuss the importance of knowing your intended audience and the effectiveness of diversifying marketing approaches, from direct interactions to digital platforms.

Limited spots remain for our upcoming SmartWIN24! This must-attend event is where AEC Firm Principals, Owners, and Marketing Executives come together to explore brand positioning and differentiation strategies, facilitating meaningful conversations and knowledge sharing within the industry.


Connect with Beth Ament:

As the Associate Vice President, Senior Manager of Communications and Marketing at Epsten Group, a Salas O’Brien company, Beth Ament stands at the intersection of sustainability and storytelling. With a career spanning over 15 years, Beth has honed her expertise in sustainability consulting, transportation demand management, and community outreach, all while leading a dynamic team of creatives dedicated to broadcasting the Epsten Group narrative.

Beth’s approach to marketing is deeply rooted in her commitment to health and wellbeing, principles that resonate with the core values of Epsten Group. Her leadership extends beyond traditional marketing roles; she is an integral part of the company’s Health and Wellness Committee, a TRUE Advisor, and a LEED Green Associate. Her dedication is also evident in her personal pursuits as a certified yoga instructor and a chairperson for the USGBC Georgia Market Leadership Advisory Board.

The organic growth of Epsten Group and its recent acquisition by Salas O’Brien have been milestones marked by Beth’s leadership in ensuring the brand’s authenticity and customer experience remain intact. She champions a brand living strategy that not only communicates but embodies the company’s mission in every facet of its operations.

Beth’s presence at SmartWIN24 is particularly impactful as she embodies the conference’s ethos of ‘Leap into the Future.’ Her insights into brand stewardship post-acquisition and her innovative approach to internal brand alignment offer invaluable perspectives to AEC firms navigating similar paths of growth and change.

In a world where brand authenticity is paramount, Beth Ament’s story is a compelling narrative of how a brand can not only survive an acquisition but thrive through it, maintaining a genuine connection with its audience and empowering its team to be brand ambassadors in the truest sense.


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