SmartWIN24 Speaker Spotlight: Brad Ewing – Building Relationships for Successful AEC Project Pursuits

Episode 70:

Katie sits down with Associate Principal and Regional Practice Leader at NELSON Worldwide – Brad Ewing, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP. Brad talks about one of the unexpected skills that architects need to master–sales. He emphasizes the importance of being adaptable and flexible for career progression in the AEC sector.
Brad also offers invaluable advice on preparing for procurement season, focusing on understanding client goals and fostering robust client relationships.


Connect with Brad Ewing, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP:
Brad Ewing is a distinguished architect and associate principal at NELSON Worldwide, where he brings over 24 years of experience in leading teams and managing complex projects across various sectors. As the regional practice leader for civic, community, justice, and education, Brad is known for his innovative and sustainable design solutions that resonate with stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

In his role, Brad not only oversees the production of design and construction drawings but also steers the strategic growth and financial success of his practice across the Southeast region. His expertise extends to advising clients on best practices and lessons learned from his extensive work in institutional, aerospace, aviation, federal, county, and state projects, both in secure and non-secure environments.

Brad’s passion for creating quality designs that enhance public spaces and user experiences is evident in his collaborative approach with his team and partners. His commitment to excellence is a driving force behind his successful leadership in the AEC industry.

At SmartWIN24, we invited Brad to share his insights and strategies that led to the winning outcome for the State of Georgia’s largest project ever. His experience in leading such a monumental project, coupled with his expertise in sustainable and impactful design, makes him an invaluable contributor to our conference. Attendees will gain a rare glimpse into the strategic thinking and leadership that are essential in securing and executing major AEC projects.



Connect with Katie Cash:


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