SmartWIN24 Speaker Spotlight: Eric Anest – Strategies for Successful M&A for AEC Firms

Episode 58:

Eric shares insights from Salas O’Brien’s 30+ mergers that grew the company from 300 to over 2,500 employees. They discuss the importance of strategic communication for successful integration and talent retention post-merger. Eric also highlights Salas O’Brien’s collaborative and partnership-orientated approach, which emphasizes customized marketing integration playbooks, internal marketing to help employees understand the combined strengths of the merged entity, and a focus on building emotional connections for smooth transitions to foster organic growth and leverage internal expertise.

Connect with Eric Anest:

Eric Anest serves as VP of Marketing & Communications at Salas O’Brien. He has overseen the expansion and transformation of Salas O’Brien’s marketing, playing a pivotal role in the company’s growth from 300 to over 2,500 team members, the merger of more than 30 firms into Salas O’Brien, and a major rebranding effort that resulted in a simple, clear, and inspirational message.

But most importantly, he has assembled a team of AEC marketers who are collaborative, humble, intelligent, and dedicated to making Salas O’Brien the best AEC firm in the galaxy.



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