SmartWIN24 Speaker Spotlight: Greg C. Hart – Navigating AEC Industry Data Dynamics

Episode 67:

Katie continues her SmartWIN24 speaker spotlight series with Greg C. Hart. – President of PSMJ. He discusses the critical need for a deep understanding of the nuanced challenges and opportunities that the AEC sector faces, particularly considering the varied effects of macroeconomic trends. By drilling down on the data, he’s able to share insights about the strategic use of data and proposal activity as key indicators for planning and decision-making processes.

He outlines PSMJ’s role in equipping AEC firms with essential knowledge and tools in areas like project management, business development, financial management, and strategic planning.


Connect with Greg C. Hart:
Greg Hart, President and Consultant for PSMJ | Resources is passionate about helping A/E/C firm leaders strengthen their businesses. In his career, Greg has completed hundreds of business valuations (the ultimate indicator of business performance and value creation) and advised on various mergers and acquisitions and succession plans. He is a valuable AEC consultant not only because he came out of the industry himself but because he can draw from the financial and analytical side of his background as well as the creative and “just go for it” side.



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