SmartWIN24 Speaker Spotlight: Greg Johnson – Enabling Your Growth Sherpas

Episode 65:

Are you enabling the people at your firm to help you grow? Katie welcomes Greg Johnson, a partner at the distinguished MEP engineering firm Newcomb and Boyd to the podcast. Greg discusses investments in marketing and business development resources, emphasizing the role of networking and knowledge exchange at events like SmartWIN24. He emphasizes the importance of close knit networking and open dialogue among industry peers, aiming to learn from their experiences and insights into innovation and technology. He also touches on the need for a synergistic relationship between marketing, business development, and engineering teams to achieve shared success.


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Greg Johnson is a leader who exemplifies a forward-thinking mindset in the AEC industry. As a Partner at Newcomb & Boyd, a firm with a century-long legacy, Greg has been instrumental in helping steer the company through leadership transitions, growth into new geographies, and growing the complexity of the firm’s collective portfolio.

Greg’s approach to design and client service is mirrored in his strategy for marketing and business development. He applies the same level of informed leadership and collaborative decision making to ensure that the relationships built with clients and employees are as high-quality and enduring as the services his firm provides. This holistic approach to project execution, client and employee engagement is a cornerstone of his firm’s century-long success.

At SmartWIN24, Greg will share his journey, helping guide the firm through significant changes and adapting to the evolving landscape of AEC marketing. His experience effectively blending traditional values with modern marketing techniques makes him an invaluable speaker.


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