SmartWin24 Speaker Spotlight: Katie Harris – Communications Strategies for AEC M&A Success

Episode 62:

Host Katie Cash chats with Smartegies Alliance Partner, Katie Harris. In this episode, Katie provides growth strategy insights for design, engineering, and development firms. She highlights the evolving marketing role in the AEC industry, focusing on the vital need for effective internal and external communications for business growth. She also discusses marketing, business development, and communication teams’ crucial contributions to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) success.

Stay tuned for some more speaker spotlights for the upcoming SmartWIN24 event. This must attend event in Atlanta is where AEC firm Principals, Owners, and Marketing Executives will come together to explore brand positioning and different strategies, facilitating meaningful conversations and knowledge sharing within the industry.


Connect with Katie Harris:

Katie is a creative, strategic, and driven leader with a passion for making things better today than they were yesterday. She has worked exclusively in the architecture/engineering industry for more than 15 years, where she has provided leadership in areas such as marketing, branding, internal communications, mergers and acquisitions, recruitment and retention, business development, and strategic business planning.

As a Smartegies Alliance Partner, Katie utilizes her full range of marketing skills to manage and execute large projects for AEC clients across the United States.


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