SmartWIN24 Speaker Spotlight: Megan Gregory – Leveraging Paid Media to Build Know, Like and Trust Factors

Episode 66:

The challenges businesses encounter in generating pipeline and revenue have changed. SmartWIN24 speaker and Smartegies Alliance Partner Megan Gregory joins the podcast. With two decades of sales and marketing expertise, Megan offers insights into contemporary marketing strategies. Specifically targeting AEC firms, she discusses the importance of understanding your audience, pinpointing their issues, and deploying a continuous marketing engine powered by paid media. The conversation sheds light on the shifting paradigms of advertising, stressing the necessity of engaging potential clients and innovating ways to connect and resonate with them.

Marketing has its own intricacies in today’s digital age, and it is important that AEC marketers learn to pursue the latest trends and technologies. Megan advocates for a grounded approach that prioritizes a clear understanding of the business’s specific objectives and audience. Her unique perspective offers a balanced view, advocating for strategic, targeted, and intentional marketing efforts.


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For over 20 years, Megan has worked in a variety of sales and marketing roles in data management software companies. And while the roles have been varied and include Business Development, Territory & LOB Sales Management, Partner & Alliances, Content Marketing, Marketing Operations, and Demand Gen; the thread that ties it all together is understanding companies want to gain more customers and keep the ones already earned.

As a Smartegies Alliance Partner, Megan uses this to help clients enhance their digital presence, optimize online campaigns, and integrate innovative media strategies.


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