SmartWIN24 Speaker Spotlight: Mike Macon – Strategies for Pursuing Large- Scale Projects

Episode 68:

Katie is back with Balfour Beatty’s Senior Vice President, Mike Macon, discussing the construction giant’s brand strategy and competitive positioning. Mike details the company’s approach to winning large public sector projects, emphasizing the necessity of aligning with client expectations, the pivotal role of communications, and the importance of detailed preparation for client presentations.

They dive into the dynamics of project pursuit, stressing vulnerability and feedback’s role in navigating the competitive environment. The conversation offers insights for firms aiming to bolster their market stance and confidently tackle strategic projects, underscoring the critical impact of communication skills on trust-building and opportunity acquisition and advocating for ongoing collaboration and improvement within the AEC sector.


Connect with Mike Macon:
Mike Macon brings over 25 years of construction industry experience to the table, currently serving as the Senior Vice President and Business Unit Leader for Balfour Beatty’s Georgia business. He’s not just a seasoned executive; he’s a strategic thinker who has led award-winning projects like Buckhead Atlanta, a $1.5 billion luxury retail and mixed-use community. As part of Balfour Beatty’s Southeast Division’s executive leadership team, Mike excels in client relationship building, capturing new prospects, and developing winning strategies. His diverse experience across various markets, from corporate office spaces to multifamily residential projects, has been integral to achieving Balfour Beatty’s growth goals.

We’ve invited Mike to share his insights at SmartWIN24 for a very specific reason. He recently led his team to secure the largest project ever undertaken by the State of Georgia—a $1B+ Correctional Facility. His session will offer a deep dive into what it takes to position your firm strategically to win such monumental public-sector and private-sector projects under a unified and integrated brand and business development strategy. From initial identification to the final pitch, Mike will share the intricacies of securing mega-projects.



Connect with Katie Cash:


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