The Business Side of Architecture with Ennis Parker

Episode 46:

In this episode, Judy Sparks and Katie Cash chat with Ennis Parker. Ennis Parker is a Professor of Practice at Georgia Tech and a Principal at Parker|Bailey Advisors. He brings more than 52 years of experience managing large complex projects and has directed the design and construction efforts for more than $2 billion in public sector capital projects, nearly half of which have been completed for colleges and universities. In addition, he is extensively knowledgeable in all forms of project delivery, including design/build, bridging, and construction management at risk.

The discussion is about what professional practice looks like and the shortage of appropriate knowledge in the field. Ennis gives examples of what his course at Georgia Tech covers and tells us a bit more about his journey and where his knowledge and experience come from. He also highlights the importance of reputation and the tools available today that were not around in earlier years.

Judy speaks about winning business and the important role marketing plays. The discussion covers points of interest about social media, how data influences business today, winning business, and the role of branding. The episode finishes off with a discussion about money in architecture and the skills you need to grow. They discuss the tools available today and how the generational gap influences business.



04.47.00 The Professional Practice Course and Georgia Tech

06.46.80 The Flourishing Communities Project

08.14.31 Changes in the industry

12.15.24 Leadership and Growth

15.19.70 Winning business and the role of marketing

20.11.91 The importance of branding

23.56.55 The importance of reputation

27.52.44 Social Media and Data

33.03.21 Money in architecture

34.59.74 The tools available today and differences in generations

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