The Importance of Building a Brand Communication Platform

What is a Brand Communication Platform?

A brand communication platform is the set of associations that clients and consumers connect to a particular company or product. It serves as your identity, letting customers know who you are and what you offer, but just as importantly, what you value and how you do business. An effective platform allows you to influence market perception of your company, engage with target audiences, and drive business growth.


Components of Your Brand Platform


  1. Market Positioning Statement – This is a statement that defines your corporate identity and describes your best attributes. It outlines your top service offerings, client portfolio, and even the reason(s) you are part of the industry. This is a strictly internal document and functions as your North Star, providing the framework for communications between company representatives and its intended audiences.


  1. Brand Promise – The promise dictates what you intend to do (for your clients and your colleagues). It prompts you to ask whether you are behaving in a manner that facilitates this promise and delivers the optimal customer experience. It also exists to stimulate professional relationships and start conversations.


  1. Key Messages – The third component of the platform explains how you will keep your promise and stand apart from competitors. These messages are the answer to the question: “Why us?” It’s the responsibility of every team member to identify proof points that back up these messages, as they provide a structure with which to frame conversations. These proof points can be achievements, goals, performance ratings, anecdotes, and anything else that speaks to the company experience. It’s important to remember that messaging is never one-size-fits-all. For instance, communication from an AEC firm to a healthcare organization should differ significantly from an AEC firm’s communication to a local department of transportation. The same AEC firm can serve various groups, but recognizing different audiences with various priorities will allow you to craft separate messages that resonate with each group. 


Connect with the Experts

The most challenging aspect of branding for AEC firms is to develop a communication platform and visual identity that resonates across several different disciplines, markets, and geographies. At Smartegies, we have helped more than 30 professional services firms, ranging from mid-size regional firms to global firms with tens of thousands of employees, successfully develop or refresh their brand communication platforms. Our experts walk company leaders through this step-by-step process to build a tailored approach that fits each business and its specific goals. Contact our team of experts to learn more about our brand communication services.