social media on pegboard

Social Media: You’re Doing It Wrong

There seems to be two schools of thought when it comes to Social Media within the business world.  Some companies are throwing money and time into social media in hopes to be relevant, and to come up with the next viral post or video.  Others are looking at social media like it is a waste of their time or are unable to see how it helps them achieve their goals.  Most companies fall in-between these two ideas.

We live in a world that is constantly evolving; your company should be too. Social Media is becoming necessary for any business. It should be part of your overall marketing budget, as those who are not utilizing it will be left behind with no way to make up the difference.

Those in the A/E/C industry have a tough time reconciling their need for social media. Sure, those platforms work for companies with a product to sell, but what about companies that are selling their skills and expertise; why would they use it?

  1. Social platforms can give you a competitive edge in your bids, and can ultimately help you win new work.
  2. Public engagement is huge. People are putting down their phones and taking to Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and other platforms to discuss companies’ failings as well as triumphs. Be part of the conversation.
  3. Your intended audience is using social media and is broader than you think.

In the coming weeks, I will explore each of these themes and explain why the question about social media isn’t “Do we really need one?” but “Do I want to put a cap on my company’s success?”. Also, is there a wrong way to use social media? Stay tuned…