Account Based Marketing for Design and Construction Firms

AEC Marketing | Account Based Marketing for Design and Construction Firms

JLL is a global Fortune 500 design and construction firm that offers facilities management, transaction administration, and consulting. Katie Fisher, Sr. Director of Field Marketing, works on the corporate solutions team, responsible for the retention of major accounts, and the growth and scaling of accounts into larger enterprise accounts. In JLL’s AEC marketing strategy, ABM…

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Increase the Value of Key Accounts with ABM

Consider this: You work for an AEC firm looking to grow its revenue within a specific market. You have developed a list of target clients and know who has the most potential for future work, but now you have to find a way to get in front of them to get a piece of the…

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Conducting an Internal Marketing Audit

Is your marketing department set up for success? Conducting an internal marketing audit will ensure your marketing department is in the best position possible to support your business goals. For more information, download our comprehensive Internal Audit Checklist below.  

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A Platform for Builders, Innovators, and Construction Enthusiasts

Aaron Wright created The Construction Channel to showcase the work behind builders and contractors, and it all started with an idea he had during college. Wright built a strong career on the technology side of construction, working for firms like Robins & Morton and Hoar Construction. But the flame never went out and the more…

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The Emotional Side of Sales and Marketing

AEC Marketing | The Emotional Side of Sales and Marketing

Brent Darnell is an international, best-selling author and the authority on emotional intelligence in the design and construction industry. He works with typical alpha males in this space to help them develop vital people skills while shaping them into service-focused leaders. Emotional intelligence plays a significant role in today’s sales and marketing world, so Darnell…

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