Contruction Channel

A Platform for Builders, Innovators, and Construction Enthusiasts

Aaron Wright created The Construction Channel to showcase the work behind builders and contractors, and it all started with an idea he had during college. Wright built a strong career on the technology side of construction, working for firms like Robins & Morton and Hoar Construction. But the flame never went out and the more he learned in the industry, the more passionate he became about his idea.

1. Original Storytelling in the Construction Industry

The Construction Channel is now in its third year, and it serves as a vehicle for the communication of construction content to new generations and people who are passionate about building. The scale at which Wright has accomplished this is unheard of in the AEC industry, and as they build an impressive arsenal of high-quality content, the platform is starting to serve a B2B purpose as well.

There are a number of ways that Wright has been able to make construction sexy, but original storytelling is a fundamental practice in all of their writing and production work. Many parts of the construction process are not accessible to the average person, so through this channel, Wright can bring even the grittiest parts of the industry directly to his audience and make an impact. The Construction Channel thrives to educate and entertain while inspiring the world to get involved with the industry and explore its unique career opportunities.

2. Reaching the Right Audience

The channel was a tough sell at first, but Wright realized that before he could take it any further, he had to put his head down and learn everything he possibly could about all facets of the industry. This was a blessing in disguise because Wright began his career at the time when virtual construction was just taking off. He made an effort to explore all types of new technologies, taking his findings up the ladder, and becoming an advocate for early adoption of everything that virtual construction had to offer.

Wright created a platform where any company can showcase its products and services to an audience that is equally hungry to build, innovate, and solve problems. The explosion of digital media and increased demand for video content means that even the most niche groups can connect with likeminded people and brands in an industry they are passionate about.

3. The Power of Video

Video is a medium that can help bridge a technical gap with audience members who don’t come from a design and construction background, and with over 23,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel alone, Wright makes sure that he is creating content that has a very broad appeal. Recruitment is extremely competitive right now and his platform helps build brand equity in an industry that is struggling to attract new talent. Shows like Six Figures, No Suits show the muddy-boots work environment in a different light and helps push the lucrative career opportunities that people may have otherwise not considered.

4. B2B and Marketing Applications

In the B2B space, it is still a difficult conversation when Wright tries to convince owners that they should allocate part of their budget to video instead of more traditional marketing methods. But the storytelling aspect can be extremely effective in moving the needle. Your firm’s new projects are going to be used to win other projects in the future, but the magic happens during the build, not after it’s done. 

Detailed processes can be portrayed in an interesting way with video, and it is a robust medium that AEC firms can leverage to tell their brand stories. Massive amounts of information must be communicated to clients and prospective employees on a regular basis, so why not package it in a format that will captivate your audience? For more information on using construction-focused video content to build your brand, win projects, and attract talent. Listen to our podcast episode, The Construction Channel, with Aaron Wright.