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Building a Marketing Team

After graduating from college, Whitney Thrower fell into the AEC industry as a marketing assistant and spent twelve years climbing the ranks to become a Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications. She held a director title with three nationally-recognized top 100 design and construction firms in the Southeast but eventually found herself wanting to give…

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Conducting an Internal Marketing Audit

Is your marketing department set up for success? Conducting an internal marketing audit will ensure your marketing department is in the best position possible to support your business goals. For more information, download our comprehensive Internal Audit Checklist below.  

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The Emotional Side of Sales and Marketing

AEC Marketing | The Emotional Side of Sales and Marketing

Brent Darnell is an international, best-selling author and the authority on emotional intelligence in the design and construction industry. He works with typical alpha males in this space to help them develop vital people skills while shaping them into service-focused leaders. Emotional intelligence plays a significant role in today’s sales and marketing world, so Darnell…

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The Missing Link in Your AEC Marketing Plan

The Missing Link in Your AEC Marketing Plan Brenda Christman is the SVP of Marketing and Communications for Hunt Companies, a global enterprise and holding company that invests in business in the real estate and infrastructure market. Their umbrella of companies and affiliates employs over six thousand with household brands like Pinnacle and Amber Infrastructure.…

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How to Win Business From the State

How to Win Business From the State When it comes to state projects, it seems as though any and all AEC firms are all looking to get a piece of the pie. But getting that piece of the pie can seem daunting if you are new to Georgia’s procurement process or just new to the…

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Sales, Marketing, and Business Development – What’s the Difference?

Sales, marketing, and business development are terms used in a seemingly interchangeable fashion throughout the AEC industry. But, as you build your company project by project, these three processes play different roles and it is important to understand the distinguishing factors for each one. Judy Sparks has experience dealing with all three corners of the…

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Picking Up the Slack: AEC Marketing as a Company-Wide Effort

Morrison Hershfield is one of North America’s leading, multidisciplinary engineering firms, where Scott Steiding serves as a Vice President and oversees sales and marketing operations for the firm. Unlike many business leaders, Steiding does not approach sales and marketing with a strictly organic or instinctive mentality. In this episode of AEC Marketing for Principals, Steiding…

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Don’t Lose it in the Interview!

We hear it all the time: firms make the shortlist and approach the interview with the mindset that it’s “ours to lose.” But what does it take to prepare a winning pitch? At Smartegies, our experience tells us that the key to creating a memorable pitch can be summed up in three words: INFORM, INFLUENCE,…

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9 Recommended Presentation Strategies in AEC

At Smartegies, we have found that teams can make it or break it in an interview. Many times, one team goes into the interview with a leading score and another comes out as the winner. This is because people can be influenced during the interview process. A good interview can sway the votes in your…

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