Elevate Your AEC Firm with Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Build Stronger Relationships, Achieve Sustainable Growth

Why Choose Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for Your AEC Firm?

In the world of AEC, relationships have always been the foundation of successful sales. While the importance of relationships remains unchanged, the way brands build them has evolved. Enter Account-Based Marketing (ABM), the #1 B2B marketing strategy globally.

At Smartegies, we specialize in applying ABM principles to help AEC firms overcome systemic barriers and achieve sustainable growth. We didn't invent ABM, but we are experts in leveraging it to help your firm thrive. Our tailored ABM programs are designed to:

  • Reduce Marketing Waste: Target the right accounts and optimize your marketing efforts.
  • Align BD and Marketing Teams: Foster collaboration for increased efficiency and results.
  • Accelerate Speed to Market: Reach your potential buyers faster and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Maximize ROI: See better returns on your annual marketing spend.
  • Lower Client Acquisition Costs: Optimize your resources for more cost-effective acquisitions.
  • Boost Win Rates: Convert more prospects into satisfied clients.

The key to ABM is knowing your target audience. For instance, if you’re a project management firm specializing in higher education, your ideal customer might be public or private universities looking for a long-term partnership. The first step would be to identify a list of universities that fit this scope and gather data on each of their key stakeholders, which in this case, might be the university facility manager. Once you understand your target audience, you can engage with them by creating helpful content intended to address key stakeholder pain points and increase awareness.

Landing the account is not where the road ends. ABM is all about landing and expanding target accounts. With ABM, AEC firms can select, engage, and retain high-value accounts by building long-term partnerships.

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