At Smartegies, our goal is to help our clients thrive in today’s highly competitive landscape. AEC firms must differentiate themselves in the market to drive ROI and increase their win rate.

Join us for our monthly webinar series where we will discuss strategies AEC firm owners, principals, and marketing departments can implement to stay visible and relevant to their audience and position their business for the highest rate of success.

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What makes a firm the first one that comes to mind, allows you to command a consistent premium fee, or attract and retain the industry's top talent?

It’s no secret, it’s a clear and consistent brand. In this hour-long discussion, Smartegies SVP, and Brand Strategist, Katie Cash, will discuss how, in a world where competition is fierce, companies with a strong brand identity are growing and scaling to rise above the crowd and what is driving this new shift.

Join us to find out:

1. How to evaluate your brand to determine if it’s time for an update.

Chances are, your firm looks a lot different today than it did three short years
ago. Maybe, the clients you serve no longer match what you’re displaying in
the marketplace? Perhaps you have evolved into larger project values and
sizes or you are in new geographies? Or maybe you have new leadership
entirely? The reality might be that you need to take a hard look at your brand,
your positioning, and your messaging to better prospect and to build your pipeline
with the right clients and right projects for the future.

2. Why “experiences” define AEC brands.

What we offer as professional service firms is intangible and the value is
based on a company’s perceived experience. With every task, big or small,
everyone within your firm represents your brand through their words, actions,
appearance, and service - a simple act of kindness, professional conduct
under stress, or polished appearance go a long way in supporting brand
positioning with clients and prospective recruits.

3. How to balance your corporate brand with your employer brand to
attract and retain talent.

Today, more firms are worried about their brand perception from the eyes of
potential employees more so than from prospective clients. However, you
need both. Clients must understand and value your brand to buy your service
and employees have to believe in it to deliver. Your employees are your
brand ambassadors and your best recruiters. It is critical to balance your
employer and corporate brand to project a unified image and message.

Branding is a relationship, not a transaction.

By participating in this webinar, you’ll walk away with a new perspective and tips to grow your brand.


  • A/E/C Marketing Principals, Seller-Doers, BD professionals, and in-house marketing communication teams

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