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Katie Cash Headshot
Katie Cash

Katie is an architecture, engineering, and construction marketer with over 15 years of experience serving the AEC industry. Katie is an expert strategist who helps her clients win big projects through creative marketing methods. Katie believes in thinking outside the box and has a gift for tackling challenges by using innovative and unconventional solutions. Today, Katie serves as the Vice President of Smartegies, working alongside Judy to help clients achieve maximum impact in their marketing efforts.


How to Win Work With Pattillo Industrial Real Estate, with Larry Callahan
Click Here for the Full Transcript     For 70 years, Pattillo has focused strictly on the vertical of industrial development, erecting over 1000 facilities of quality and scale while…
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Using ABM to Generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) and Grow your Business, with Katie Fisher, Sr. Director of Field Marketing at JLL
Click Here for the Full Transcript When it comes to AEC marketing, account based marketing (ABM) is changing the way that AEC firms communicate with their high-value accounts by improving…
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Account Based Marketing, with Judy Sparks and Katie Cash
Click Here for the Full Transcript Although account based marketing (ABM) is a recently adopted practice in the design and construction industry, many firms have been employing strategies of account…
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The Construction Channel, with Aaron Wright
Click Here for the Full Transcript Aaron Wright built an impressive resume on the technology side of construction with major firms like Robins & Morton and Hoar Construction. But his…
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The Emotional Side of Marketing, with Brent Darnell
Click Here for the Full Transcript As an international, best-selling author and the authority on emotional intelligence, Brent Darnell works with technical seller-doers in the AEC industry to help them…
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What Owners Have to Say, with Judy Sparks and Katie Cash
Click Here for the Full Transcript When you are marketing and selling professional services to Owners, it’s important to know what they are looking for and how your AEC marketing…
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How to Win work with Georgia Tech, with Scott Jones
Click Here for Full Transcript As the Assistant Vice President of Facilities, Design, and Construction at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Scott Jones runs a progressive operation that oversees all…
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The Missing Link in Your AEC Marketing Strategy, with Brenda Christman
Click Here for Full Transcript In this day and age, you have the ability to build and scale your business without a sales force, and AEC firms are finally adopting…
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Winning AEC Projects From the State, with Marvin Woodward
Click Here for the Full Transcript   The Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission (GSFIC), was created by a constitutional amendment in 1972 and is responsible for the proper application…
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Sales, and Business Development – What’s the Difference? with Judy Sparks and Katie Cash
Click Here for the Full Transcript There is a common misconception in the AEC industry that sales, marketing, and business development all serve the same purpose, but ‘sales and marketing’…
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Picking Up the Slack: Marketing as a Company-Wide Effort, with Scott Steiding
Click Here for the Full Transcript In the engineering industry, mastering the art of communication as an individual can help move the needle for an entire organization. At Morrison Hershfield,…
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How AEC Firms are Solving Today’s Difficult Lead Gen, Recruiting, and Marketing Challenges, with Judy Sparks and Katie Cash
Click Here for the Full Transcript Oftentimes, when we talk about digital marketing with our clients and prospects—that is, principals of AEC firms and their teams—we see an immediate glaze…
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