Any campaign for success is strengthened by the experience of a trusted advisor. We have counseled executives across industries in the US and Canada, arming them with strategic insight, creative solutions, and solid master plans. Some of our clients choose to stay on retainer while others recruit us per project. Whatever your needs, we will provide you with the winning strategy to execute a successful plan.

Account-Based Marketing


The AEC industry has been built on a relationship-based sales model, and that hasn't changed. However, how brands build those relationships has. Account-Based Marketing is the #1 B2B marketing strategy in the world. Don't believe us? Google it. At Smartegies, we didn't invent account-based marketing. Still, we are experts in applying ABM principles to help AEC firms fix the systemic issues within their organizations that are barriers to sustainable growth. We help firms develop and implement ABM programs that:

  • Reduce marketing waste
  • Align your BD and marketing teams
  • Increase your speed to market
  • Produce better ROI on your annual marketing spend
  • Reduce your cost of client acquisition
  • Improve your win rate

We help companies develop effective ABM programs that elevate your company's brand, position you as a thought leader, and reach your potential buyers in a targeted and measurable way. Once we have helped you establish a sound strategy and determine an appropriate budget, we can coach your
in-house creative team through the implementation process or provide turn-key implementation services as your creative agency of record.

Very few AEC firms have effective social media strategies. Most digital agencies measure effectiveness through click-thru rates and the number of impressions. We do that too, but we realize these data points are only meaningful if they drive the 3 R's: Relationships, Reputation, and Revenue. We help AEC companies use the internet to drive the 3 R’s. Our experts produce effective digital advertising and social media campaigns, webinars, podcasts, and storytelling videos to drive brand awareness, position brands as thought leaders, generate qualified marketing and sales leads (MQL's and SQL's), and grow their employer brand to attract top talent.

Digital Marketing & Production


Pitch Dev. & Presentation Coaching


The margin for victory is narrow in the built environment. Most of the time, everyone on the shortlist has the qualifications to do the work, so your resume is no longer a differentiator. Often, your firm is not the only one who has a relationship with the client, so your relationship only gets you to the interview. Now, you must convince a client that your firm is the best choice.

Most AEC firms realize that the best presentations focus on the clients' needs rather than the firm's qualifications. Firms invest in developing ideas for the interview – site plans, renderings, cost models, BIM models, schedules, and estimates. This tendency for firms to give away billable work in the interview has driven up the cost of client acquisition for the industry at large. Even after these significant investments, only one firm wins. Every other firm on the shortlist is left empty-handed and behind on its billable work. Sound familiar? It pains us to see companies struggle through this process.

The bottom line is that now that giving away billable work to win projects has become commonplace, it is no longer a great differentiator unless, of course, your ideas are far superior to your competition's ideas. Now, it's time to pitch your firm's vision for the project, and the task at hand is to INFORM, INFLUENCE, and ENTERTAIN your audience. We help you tell the stories that compel your audiences to believe and trust that your company is the best choice for their project. As a result, more than 75% of our pitch development and coaching assignments have resulted in a winning outcome.

The most successful AEC firms understand that the strength of their brand has a direct tie to the percentage of the market they will own. For example, take any region in the country and think about a particular market – healthcare in the southeast, higher education in the northwest, industrial in the south. Each vertical market your firm services has its market leaders. Each geography has solid regional brands. The AEC industry has historically focused on operations. The longest- standing brands in the industry were built on doing great work, building lean processes, providing excellent customer service, and building long-term relationships professionally and socially. As an industry, AEC firms have been slow to adopt the digital era where consumer brands and B2B brands have focused on creating superior customer experiences and putting value on brand loyalty.

Technology allows AEC firms to elevate their brands at scale, more affordably and quickly than traditional sales channels. Therefore, marketing and branding have become more prominent drivers in a firm's ability to compete – both for top clients and talent.


Corporate Branding


M&A Communications


Mergers and Acquisition activity in the AEC industry is constant. We understand the impact that good communications planning can have on any size M&A deal. Members of our team have sat on both sides of the table - helping to lead the experience of the of the acquiring or acquired firm. We work with clients to help them define the narrative for multiple stakeholders, internal and external, during pre and post M&A activity. From conducting the initial announcement for employees and customers, through pitching feature stories and implementing promotional campaigns in the AEC industry, we support clients with M&A communications for a smooth transition and integration.


Our experience in implementing Community Engagement, and Diversity and Inclusion programs, provides added value for clients wanting to make a meaningful impact in their businesses and communities. As a Woman and Minority owned, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, we have a genuine interest and passion in contributing to this greater cause.

We have partnered with municipalities and school boards to inform and engage community leaders and key stakeholders about publicly funded building projects and master plans. In the private sector, we have worked with local and national businesses to help attract, train and coach minority suppliers in the AEC industry. And as an inaugural service partner with The Diversity Consortium, we provide marketing consulting services to corporations wanting to strengthen their supplier diversity programs, and to minority owned suppliers wanting to position their firms for success.

Diversity, Inclusion, & Empowerment Programs


Branded Spaces


Over the years, we have worked with public agencies, private developers, commercial real estate brokers, property managers, and building owners to create branded environments that advance our client's mission and tell their stories.