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Tactics that Work

Devise a strategy informed by experience and proven methods.


RFQ/P & Presentation Solutions

Proposals can be overwhelming. Attention to detail, effective writing, compelling design – there’s a lot that goes into making your company stand out from the competition. We have developed hundreds of proposals and know the best practices that will engage selection committees and get you that invitation to interview.


Branding Solutions

We all know customers have favorite brands and products. From paper towels to fruit juice or shampoo, customers know what they prefer. But do you realize customers also have favorite brands for professional services? And that potential employees are evaluating a company’s reputation when deciding where to work? Whether potential customers or employees, people want a professional services company or brand that offers the best experience and expertise. We can help you ensure that your brand stands out. Our evidence-based branding process will help you gauge and position yourself in the market, discover your strongest attributes, and differentiate yourself from competitors.


Digital Solutions

We can help you target decision makers with precision and increase your brand visibility. With strong thought leadership, keywords, and generated leads to support your efforts, we can bring your company to new levels of success. The best part? Digital marketing is much more affordable than traditional. Welcome to the digital age of marketing!


Strategic Counsel to
Position You for Success

Any campaign for success is strengthened by the experience of a trusted advisor. We have counseled executives across industries in the US and Canada, arming them with strategic insight, creative solutions, and solid master plans. Some of our clients choose to stay on retainer while others recruit us per project. Whatever your needs, we will provide you with the winning strategy to execute a successful plan.

You’ve been short-listed for a project you’ve been chasing for over a year. You know what the client wants and have a great relationship with the selection committee, but you’ve also invested countless amounts of time and money into courting the client, doing preliminary “concept” work, and giving the marketing team content for the proposal and presentation. Sound familiar? It pains us to see companies struggle through this process.




Communication comes in many forms, from grass roots efforts to federally funded programs. Whatever the background of your project, we can address a specific scope of the project or handle the general public perception as a whole. We have worked with local governments, community representatives, key stakeholders, and the general public to launch effective and informative communications plans and outreach strategies. We bring the know-how to streamline your project and gauge interest. Whether it’s a PR Roadmap, public involvement workshops, committee meetings, digital strategies, survey creation, or participation measures, we are equipped for a smooth and seamless project. With skill and a transparent, trusted flow of communication, we help your efforts reach key audiences and progress toward the end goal.


Community Outreach

Community outreach can make or break a project. Without an effective strategy behind your outreach efforts, a project can quickly derail and even come to a complete stop. With the right expertise in place, you can avoid these pitfalls, significantly reducing your stress and daily pressures. We have worked with highly visible and sensitive projects that involved heightened community interest, press attention, and complicated politics. Through our proven outreach methods, we have streamlined outside attention to control the message and maintain project stability. We can help you identify optimal communication channels, from public involvement workshops and committee meetings to digital platforms and surveys. Our creative team supports you at every step with design and messaging solutions, preparing you for every meeting, presentation, press interview, and public appearance.  Whether your project involves local governments, community representatives, key stakeholders, or the general public, our effective community outreach strategies let us focus on the message so you can focus on success.


Video Production

Video catches your audience’s attention and moves your message like no other medium, but an off-brand or poorly edited video can do more damage than good. At Smartegies, we have a team of highly skilled videographers and creatives who can handle the entire video process: storyboarding, scripting, filming, developing motion graphics, editing, and even launching or embedding the video on your digital platforms. We have an entire team of skilled and experienced professionals to ensure your video’s impact and success. Working with first-rate filming equipment and production tools, we can provide you with a high-quality video to reach new audiences, create a lasting impact, and deliver your brand message in an attractive, compelling way.

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