Strategic Counsel to Position You for Success

Devise a strategy informed by experience and proven methods.

Any campaign for success is strengthened by the experience of a trusted advisor. We have counseled executives across industries in the US and Canada, arming them with strategic insight, creative solutions, and solid master plans. Some of our clients choose to stay on retainer while others recruit us per project. Whatever your needs, we will provide you with the winning strategy to execute a successful plan.


Proposal Production

We have developed hundreds of winning RFQ/P’s. Our best practices and design solutions will help you stand out from competitors, engage selection committees, and get you on the short-list.


Branding Strategies

Developing, clarifying, communicating, and launching brands are all in our wheelhouse! Our evidence-based branding process will help you position yourself in the market, discover your strongest attributes, and stand out from competitors.


Digital Marketing

Let’s get digital! From SEO strategies and email campaigns to social media efforts and advertising initiatives, we offer affordable solutions that bring you to a new level of success.


Website Development

We work with you to understand your firm’s internal challenges, external barriers, and the audiences you are trying to reach to devise a website strategy that results in effective design and welcoming user experience.


Presentation Coaching

Short-listed firms can make it or break it in the interview. To ensure a memorable delivery, we work with you to understand project objectives, build a unique presentation framework, and coach each presenter to deliver a successful pitch.



We have worked on highly visible projects involving heightened community interest, press attention, and complicated politics. Our proven outreach methods let us focus on the message so you can focus on success.



Working with first-rate filming equipment and production tools, we can provide you with a high-quality video to reach new audiences, create a lasting impact, and deliver your brand message in an attractive, compelling way.



Looking to brush up on your Photoshop or InDesign skills? Want to learn essential marketing skills to elevate your business? We have experts at the ready to lead you into a successful strategy.

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