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98% of B2B Marketers share that Content Marketing has become the core of their marketing strategy. [i] For the AEC industry, however, many organizations have continued to focus their marketing efforts on informative brochures, referrals from satisfied clients, and attendance at large networking conferences. Although these strategies have generated results, they can be costly, time consuming and resource-intensive. In addition, purchasing teams are doing more research on-line before they ever pick up the phone to call the company direct, which tend to bypass traditional marketing methods.


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Could Content Marketing strategies provide the competitive advantage necessary to capture buyers early in the sales cycle?


In October, we showcased a new approach to AEC marketing through a 4-part series that helps your organization implement the beginning stages of a Content Marketing strategy. Using a few proven techniques, you could be well on your way to generating more leads, directing more inbound traffic to your website, and increasing your overall marketing ROI.


How to Attract & Engage Your Ideal Target Market



In order to attract your ideal target, you need to first speak their language. The AEC industry depends upon a unique relationship-driven sales process however, at times, their marketing messages do not excite or inspire.

In our article, Create Compelling Content Through the Use of Buyer Personas, we discussed strategies to identify 2-3 detailed descriptions that reflect the interests, demographics and key issues that represent your ideal target. These personas can serve as the proper muse when creating content that helps you speak your target’s language, solve their key market issues, and address major purchasing concerns upfront.


Next, we discussed how to Generate Content to Meet ALL Phases of the Buying Cycle. As you would tailor your sales presentation to meet the specific needs of each prospect, same goes with tailoring your content to meet each stage of the buying cycle. Someone who is in the initial research phase may have different questions than a purchasing agent who is closer to making a final decision.

Through e-books, whitepapers, infographics and educational videos, you can answer your target’s questions, address early concerns and provide information throughout every phases of the buying cycle.


In 4 Content Techniques to Expand Your Brand, we introduced ways you can curate, find and share content to your audience without having to create it all from scratch. Sure, it is important to provide original content to your audience, but you can also stay top-of-mind through the sharing of videos, informational articles, or relevant news updates.

Also remember that you have a valuable archive of materials that could be repurposed for your Content Marketing strategy. Previously used brochures, catalogs, photos or even videos can be transformed into valuable information for the end-user.

Could an old brochure be transformed into an innovative infographic? Or could old photos be turned into a lively Facebook post? With a little brainstorming and creativity, you can find multiple ways to utilize the same content.


Last, but certainly not least, we shared the value of Writing All of Your Content with SO WHAT in Mind. The biggest mistake that any B2B marketer makes, regardless of their industry, is sharing information which their target market could care less. If the content is not relevant, then you will receive fewer clicks, fewer engagements, less leads, and most likely, no revenue.

However, when you keep your Buyer Persona in mind prior to creating your content, you will have a greater chance in properly hitting the mark.

The key to success is understanding your target market, identifying the stage of the buying cycle they are in, and utilizing the proper buzzwords that will capture their attention. Once you have it, keep them engaged by offering unique but relevant information, communicate your value proposition and provide something of value that entices your target to take action.

From filling out a web form for a downloadable e-Book to signing up for a webinar, the more relevant your content, the greater your response rate, the more engagements you will receive and ultimately the more revenue you will generate.

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