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Katie Cash

Katie is an architecture, engineering, and construction marketer with over 15 years of experience serving the AEC industry. Katie is an expert strategist who helps her clients win big projects through creative marketing methods. Katie believes in thinking outside the box and has a gift for tackling challenges by using innovative and unconventional solutions. Today, Katie serves as the Vice President of Smartegies, working alongside Judy to help clients achieve maximum impact in their marketing efforts.


The Importance of Communication During a Social Movement, with Katie Cash and Donya Edler
On this special episode of AEC Marketing for Principals, host Katie Cash is joined by Smartegies Executive Vice President, Donya Edler, to talk about the importance of corporate communication during a social movement. 2020 has brought a lot of uncertainty and unrest, so how should firms address these topics the right way and what can…
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Living in the Liminal Space: New Procurement Processes, with Marvin Woodward
Kicking off season 2 of AEC Marketing for Principals, Marvin Woodward, the Deputy Director for the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission, joins hosts Judy Sparks and Katie Cash to discuss how GSFIC is shifting their procurement process. The state of Georgia is actively living in the liminal space in the wake of COVID-19. The…
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Don’t Lose it in the [Virtual] Interview: Best Practices for AEC Virtual Interviews, with Katie Cash
During this special AEC Marketing for Principals episode, host Katie Cash discusses how AEC firms can pivot their interview presentations to the virtual world. Public and private owners are continuing to leverage technology and transition their procurement process to online virtual experiences. So, how can shortlisted AEC firms inform, influence, and entertain the selection committee…
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Driving Your Business & Staying Connected During COVID-19, with Judy Sparks and Katie Cash
During this special AEC Marketing for Principals episode, hosts Judy Sparks and Katie Cash discuss how AEC firms are pivoting their marketing strategies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Smartegies recently put on a webinar for leaders in the AEC industry answering the question, “How do you market during a pandemic?” This episode is…
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AEC Marketing for Principals Season 1 Wrap-Up, with Katie Cash
What You Will Learn: The key takeaways from season 1 of AEC Marketing for Principals Jere Smith’s advice for the proposal process Judy and Katie’s approach to the formal presentation Marvin Woodward’s insights about winning work with GSFIC Brenda Christman’s advice for in-house marketers Larry Callahan’s take on the industrial market in the Southeast Dave…
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How to Win Work With ARCO, with Jake Stefan
Click Here for the Full Transcript ARCO specializes in industrial development, an industry that has been moving in a new direction as recent trends in e-commerce, cold storage, and sustainability continue to grow stronger. In that space, Jake Stefan and his team have built a strong reputation for the innovative, solutions-based approach that ARCO brings…
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How and Why You Should Build a Marketing Team, with Whitney Thrower
Click Here for the Full Transcript Many seller-doers at boutique firms assume marketing responsibilities, but there comes a time where half-hearted marketing starts to hinder productivity without yielding any results. Owners often ask themselves if they need a marketing department, but hiring a team is inevitable if you plan to grow. AEC firms can benefit…
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How to Win Work With Highlands Residential, with Dave Loeffel
Click Here for the Full Transcript Highlands Residential is an apartment development company specializing in multifamily developments that target an empty-nester clientele. By focusing on recently-retired individuals, aged 55 and older, Highlands’ founder and CEO, Dave Loeffel, can deliver destinations unique to the desires and needs of this age exclusive audience. Experiential living is a…
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How to Win Work With Pattillo Industrial Real Estate, with Larry Callahan
Click Here for the Full Transcript     For 70 years, Pattillo has focused strictly on the vertical of industrial development, erecting over 1000 facilities of quality and scale while building a significant portfolio of prime industrial real estate. However, the explosion of e-commerce is creating an entirely new set of needs and unique problems…
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Using ABM to Generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) and Grow your Business, with Katie Fisher, Sr. Director of Field Marketing at JLL
Click Here for the Full Transcript When it comes to AEC marketing, account based marketing (ABM) is changing the way that AEC firms communicate with their high-value accounts by improving efficiency and increasing booked revenue. For the longest time, relationships took precedence when design and construction firms sought out new business, but everyone has those…
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Account Based Marketing, with Judy Sparks and Katie Cash
Click Here for the Full Transcript Although account based marketing (ABM) is a recently adopted practice in the design and construction industry, many firms have been employing strategies of account based sales (ABS) for some time now. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, account based sales uses conventional one-to-one sales tactics but focuses strictly…
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The Construction Channel, with Aaron Wright
Click Here for the Full Transcript Aaron Wright built an impressive resume on the technology side of construction with major firms like Robins & Morton and Hoar Construction. But his passion for all-things-building transcended his role and inspired him to explore all facets of the industry. Wright always saw a need for a platform that…
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